Princey's Palace

You can call me Gabe, Or Princey.
This Is an art blog. May or May not have NSFW art here at one point.

You can expect to see Animal art, possible fan art, Anthros.

Feel free to give suggestions in my ask; I'm always open for inspiration.


random fun quick sketch I did the other day.
So colored that last sketch of Luca being cold.

did some quick linework and coloring .
Drew some cute boyfrands.
bottom left: they are going on a adventure to help some spirits move on~
(kurt has the ability to see dead people) and Rori likes helping them even though he can’t see them.)
Luca Doesn’t Like the cold.
Made some wiggly icons for the bae and I ~~
More cute boyfriendos~
I did the kiss meme OvO.
For the kiss on the lips I used a ref ~
Offer To adopt~
If you’d like one of these let me know them min. Offer is set at 5$.
you will get the full rez and no watermark once paid. 
Message me or offer on my Fa Weasyl or Da.